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In-year School Places

Applying for school places outside the normal admissions round

There have been changes to this service due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please see our information for residents webpages for more information.

Applying outside of the normal timescales

Parents can make an application for West Berkshire school places at any time in the year. 
This is known as an 'In Year Application' and applications made in this way can be processed up to six weeks, or half a term, in advance of your requested start date.

Before Applying

  1. You should contact us for advice and to see which schools have spaces.
  2. You should read thepdf icon primary guide [25Mb] orpdf icon secondary guide [15Mb] if you're applying for a place in the current academic year.
  3. You may have to provide supplementary information or complete a supplementary form to meet certain over-subscription rules.
    Supplementary forms are available for doc icon Mortimer St. Mary's Junior School [24kb]pdf icon St Finian's Catholic Primary School [143kb], pdf icon St. Joseph's Catholic School [2Mb], and doc icon St. Paul's Catholic School [376kb].


You can apply for any West Berkshire school by sending your pdf icon application [64kb] to the School Admissions Team.
Applicants who are seeking to change schools for reasons other than moving house should take the form in to their current school to be completed.

Over-subscription Criteria

Over-subscription criteria are used when there are more applications than places available in schools or if a school is already full and we need to set up a waiting list.  The criteria enable us to give each application a priority.  The priorities are based on a number of different things, such as School Catchment Areas and whether a child is a 'looked after child' or had been until adoption or a residence/special guardianship order.  The over-subscription rules are explained in the parent's guide for each school year.

What happens after you send in your application

We aim to respond to your application within two school weeks, although in most cases we can respond within one. We can make decisions for community and voluntary controlled schools, but for all other school types the schools governing body makes the decision. We will write to notify you of the result.

Children without a school place

If you move in to West Berkshire and your child's current school is too far away we may have to refer your application to the council's Fair Access Officer. This would normally only be necessary if you move to an area where all of the local schools are full. The fair access process provides us with a way of offering a school place within a reasonable distance of your home even when schools are full.

Waiting lists

If we don't offer your first or other higher preference school your child will be placed on a waiting list or lists. Waiting lists are always ranked using the over-subscription rules and not the date the application was received. If a place becomes available in a school we will offer it to the child who is first on the waiting list.

Making an appeal for a school place

You may decide to appeal against an admission decision for a school place.  You should read all the information available before submitting an appeal and also be aware that some schools already teach in classes of 30 which is the maximum allowed in Infant classes. An appeal for such a school is classified as an pdf icon Infant Class Size Appeal [9kb] and will normally only be successful if it can be proven that a mistake has been made and your child would have been offered a school place if the application had been processed correctly.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's School Admissions Team

01635 551111