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2021 Graham Bridgman Mortimer Walking for Health Group

Issued on: 27 July 2021

Now we can get together again, and that the summer is here, many people will be thinking about how they can get a little fitter.  For some of us that might mean working out in the gym, but given that West Berkshire is blessed with so much lovely countryside a walk can be just as effective and more social.

Walking for Health - WfH - is a national scheme to get everyone out walking.  Walking is not only good exercise, it helps to combat loneliness and isolation - so it's good for everyone's physical health, and their mental health as well.

West Berkshire Council organises WfH locally and we currently have 12 walking groups dotted around the district, each led by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.  We want to expand the programme and need more walk leaders to help us make this happen.

If you like the outdoors and would like to help others enjoy it too, please get in touch.

One of the walk leaders for the Mortimer walk is the Deputy Leader of the Council, Graham Bridgman.  He was leading walks before he was elected to the Council, and for him it's as much about getting out and meeting people as it is keeping fit.

Graham says,

"Our group is a mixed bag of personalities and fitness levels, so we have three different levels of walk, plus a host of different routes, to accommodate everyone - we all look forward to our walk and a coffee and chat at the end of it.

"Walking for Health is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing.  We're so lucky to have beautiful countryside all around us in West Berkshire and our walks take us down tracks and paths that many might miss, giving us the chance to take in the lovely views.  We also get a chance to catch up with each other and talk about all sorts of things as we stroll."

West Berkshire Council is looking for more volunteers to lead the walks.  We'll take care of the equipment and training - all you have to do is email walking@westberks.gov.uk to get started.

Anyone can join a WfH group for free and WfH is also socially prescribed by GPs.

Find out more about Walking for Health and walks near you.