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Community Support Hub banner
Community Support Hub banner

Like all councils we want to support our local communities as much as possible during the current coronavirus pandemic.

In partnership with Volunteer Centre West Berkshire and Greenham Trust, we have created the Community Support Hub to give guidance and to help coordinate organisations representing their communities as we all offer support to our vulnerable and elderly residents.

The Hub web section within the West Berkshire Council website provides:

Our Council website also has sections on:

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The Community Support Hub was set up in early March 2020, initially to co-ordinate the volunteer effort and connect people in need with those groups that were offering help. Since then, the Hub has evolved and now has two important roles in the current coronavirus emergency:

  • to ensure that the district's elderly and most vulnerable residents have access to food, medication and anything else they need during coronavirus emergency
  • to support the amazing volunteers and community action groups that are helping vulnerable people in their local areas

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Since it was established, the Hub and community groups have helped hundreds of vulnerable residents to access the vital supplies and services they need.

We want to thank our volunteers and help spread the word about the amazing support that is available across West Berkshire from our community champions; those who have offered to pick up shopping or medication, those who have taken the time to chat to those who are feeling lonely, those who have helped someone in need.

If you have a good story about the work you are doing in your community, why not tell us about it? Use the hashtag #WBCommunityLove on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so that we can share your community minded actions!