West Berkshire Council

Work Experience

We're committed to supporting everyone to reach their full potential.

Work experience offers a real workplace experience which can help shape your future career ideas and provide you with experience of what working life is really like.

Did you know that we offer a wide variety of services and the staff here get a fulfilling career supporting their community. We cover:

  • Adult and Children's Social Care
  • Trading Standards
  • Planning
  • Street Works
  • Elections
  • Facilities and Health and Safety
  • Accounting, Payroll and Exchequer Services
  • HR
  • Schools support
  • Customer Services
  • Digital, Media and Graphics
  • Legal
  • Public Protection and Culture
  • Housing

    How do I apply?

    We offer work experience placements to a range of ages. We simply ask that you doc icon complete theĀ application form [423kb] and send it back to us at recruitment@westberks.gov.uk. Because we want to offer you a structured placement based on your interests and aspirations we ask on the form that you provide us with some information about where you would ideally like your placement to be.

    Placements can also vary in length so please advise us how long you want the placement to be for. We will get in touch if there is an appropriate manager that can fulfil your placement request.

    We think a great way to demonstrate what we do for the community is by offering work experience placements. We are looking for people who want to bring fresh ideas and innovation to the council and who care about their community.