West Berkshire Council

Council welcomes 5G smartphone tests

Vodafone will be testing early 5G smartphones at their Newbury HQ

LOGO: Superfast Broadband

Issued on:  8 February 2019

The initiative, which forms part of Vodafone's on-going pre-commercial 5G trial, will see them conducting 'over the air' tests of their future 5G network with an early smartphone prototype, using a Gigabit broadband speed capable modem.

This is the latest in a series of major developments in Newbury, with the UK's first live 5G holographic call and the first 5G call over a live mobile network having taken place in the town in the past five months.

The news also follows last month's announcement that Vodafone has committed to a major £10m investment in its Newbury campus as well as a net gain of 600 staff, creating a "technology and digital nerve centre of the future in Newbury."

Commenting on the announcement, Graham Jones, Leader of West Berkshire Council said:

"We're delighted that Vodafone are trialling this infrastructure in Newbury, the UK's 'Top Tech Town.'

"Ensuring the best possible penetration of 5G connectivity is a key part of our new Economic Development Strategy and the fact that Newbury is such an important part of this innovation is fantastic for West Berkshire. This will be particularly important as future-proofed connectivity is critical to supporting economic growth, especially in our rural areas.

"This is yet another vote of confidence in Newbury as a leader in digital tech and we look forward to working with Vodafone as 5G technology is rolled out."