West Berkshire Council

Council to explore new football facility in Newbury

New plan could see football pitch at Northcroft Park

STOCK IMAGE: Football player's leg resting on a football

At today's (Monday 29 October) Newbury Vision Conference, West Berkshire Council announced plans to explore a new football facility ‎in Newbury as part of a future refurbishment of the Northcroft Leisure Centre.

This announcement comes as West Berkshire Council and Newbury F.C have agreed a joint approach to providing football in Newbury that will see:

  • The council explore providing a football facility as part of a regeneration of Northcroft Leisure Centre.
  • The council and Newbury F.C will work together to find a suitable site for the club which can be used until the Northcroft refurbishment is complete.

Both sides agree that the long term home for football in Newbury will be in Northcroft, rather than the London Road Industrial Estate (LRIE) which the Council plans to redevelop.

The council will reopen the Faraday Road site as a multi purpose games area, on a short term basis ‎until the redevelopment of the LRIE begins.

Councillor James Fredrickson said: 

"‎We're delighted to be working with Newbury FC directly to develop a long term plan for football in Newbury. Northcroft is already home to Newbury's leisure offering, so it is an ideal home for improved football facilities. Whilst we would have liked to have kept the club at the Faraday Road site, we couldn't commit to the length of lease that their league required. We are now actively working with the club to provide them with a more appropriate home, closer to Newbury, whilst we explore our options in Northcroft."