West Berkshire Council


We are a team of officers from West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police and were formed in April 2017.

We are working with communities and individuals across West Berkshire, helping them to do more for themselves and to help each other.

We help communities to become stronger and to be more self-reliant, and will always help those that need it and protect those who are most vulnerable.

Meet the Team

Susan Powell - Building Communities Together Team Manager

I am responsible for coordinating the work of the Team which is made up of officers from both West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police working together to help make communities stronger, safer and more resilient. I also coordinate the work of the Building Communities Together Partnership that is made up of officers from a wide range of organisations (including the council, police, health, probation, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, HealthWatch, West Berkshire Volunteer Centre and Sovereign Housing) with the shared aim of building community resilience. I am a lead officer for Prevent and I manage the work of the Channel Panel in West Berkshire.

Jo Naylor - Principal Policy Officer (Communities)

My role encompasses a number of distinct areas all linked to supporting community resilience. This role helps to work with individual community groups to develop a Community Plan or a Vision of how they wish to see their local area develop in the future. I also provide advice on accessing small grants streams to help community projects get started and provide the point of contact for Parish Councils and communities that wish to take over the running of services and assets in their areas.

Alex O'Connor - Senior Community Co-ordinator (Resolution)

I work with colleagues in other departments within West Berkshire Council, the police, registered social landlords and other organisations to develop a common understanding of the issues of anti-social behaviour and community disputes. Working together to provide a sustained, strategic and coordinated partnership approach to addressing and reducing anti-social behaviour, community disputes and criminal activities in West Berkshire, whilst ensuring that all anti-social related enforcement powers are fully utilised. 

Jade Wilder - Community Co-ordinator (Prevention)

My focus is the prevention, awareness and reduction of domestic abuse and forms of exploitation, such as modern day slavery and radicalisation. I work in partnership with community and statutory organisations to raise awareness of abuse and vulnerability, strategically implementing measures, resources and initiatives with the aim of reducing the likelihood, and impact of, harm. 

Sharon Briggs - Community Co-ordinator (Engagement)

My role is to engage with colleagues, organisations and the community about the work of the Team. I do this through a range of media including our website and social media. My work also involves looking at how to connect communities and build resilience within those communities, research the issues that can affect them and to look at how the Team can support and empower them to support themselves. I am also one of the trainers delivering domestic abuse and domestic abuse champions training for those working within West Berkshire.

Andrew Granata - MEAM Co-ordinator

My role as the coordinator is multifaceted and tailored for each MEAM Approach area, and in West Berkshire I provide a crucial link between strategic decisions about services that impact people with complex needs, as well as implementing coordinated intervention and assertive outreach on the ground level. I ensure the operational teams are working effectively together to support users of our services by liaising with new and existing statutory and voluntary agencies and promoting our multi-agency approach. MEAM takes on a trauma informed and person centred approach and is a big advocate for coproduction, actively working with experts by experience to inform the partnerships approach to effectively helping those people with multiple disadvantage in our community.