West Berkshire Council

Road Gritting and Snow Clearance

How we keep our roads moving in adverse weather

We publish regular updates of our Winter Road Treatment during the worst affected months - take a look to see where we've been gritting, ploughing or clearing snow.

In adverse winter weather conditions, we aim to ensure the safe movement of all highway users on designated roads throughout the district, whilst keeping delays and accidents to a minimum.

To help us achieve this, we create a pdf icon Winter Service Policy and Plan [9Mb], and we also make available a pdf icon Safer Driving Guidance [1Mb] leaflet.  These detail what actions we take when ice and snow is forecast, and how drivers can help us to keep our road network moving.

Please note that:

  • the M4 and A34 are managed by the Highways England and not West Berkshire Council
  • private/unadopted roads or streets are not maintained at public expense, and so are not covered by any gritting or snow clearance plans drawn up by West Berkshire Council

Treatment Routes

For the period between November to the end of March, we monitor the weather to identify when gritting and/or snow clearance is required.

Where possible, treatment is carried out either before the morning rush hour or after the evening rush hour.

Please note that we are unable to treat any private footpaths, parking areas, accesses or similar. 

Private owners should arrange to treat these areas themselves.  Rock salt is available from:

Self-help During Cold Conditions

The government have produced guidance on clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself

To help with this, roadside salt bins are available across the district for communities to use to treat the road and path in front of their properties, and other targeted areas of the highway.

For more information, see our pdf icon Winter Service Policy and Plan. [9Mb]

In times of adverse weather make sure your journey is necessary.

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