West Berkshire Council

Garden Waste Collection

Charges for your garden waste collection

From 3 September 2018 there will be an annual charge for the collection of garden waste. If you would like to have your garden waste collected in your green bin after this date you will need to subscribe to the service. This is an opt-in, paid for service.

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Annual Subscription Charges

The subscription year runs from 3 September 2018 until 31 August 2019. Please read the pdf icon terms and conditions [133kb] before subscribing.

The annual subscription charges for the 2018/19 collection are as follows:

First green bin

£50 (service charge)

Each additional green bin

£67 (£40 for the service charge and £27 for the one off bin payment)


You have the right to cancel your subscription within 14 days. Visit our garden waste service cancellation page for more information.

If you've still got questions about garden waste collection, please read our frequently asked questions.


Once you have subscribed to the service, we will send you a subscription sticker for your green bin within 14 days. Please follow the instructions to clearly display the subscription sticker on your green bin, as this will identify that you have paid for the service.

Your green bin will be collected on the same day and week as your recycling, once every two weeks. You can check your bin day online.

To get the most from your service:

  • make sure your bin is ready for collection by 7am on your recycling day
  • make sure your subscription sticker is clearly visible
  • check what can go in your pdf icon green bin [8Mb]
  • recycle your food waste in your green bin
  • ensure your bin lid is closed and that there is no excess garden waste left next to the bin
  • don't overload your bin as if it is too heavy we won't be able to empty it
  • make sure you return your bin to your property as soon as possible after collection

From 3 September 2018 if you have not subscribed to the service, you will only be able to put food waste in your green bin. We will not empty green bins containing garden waste without a valid subscription sticker.

Excess garden waste

We do not collect excess garden waste. If you have too much garden waste for your green bin you can order and pay for an additional green bin or alternatively you can take excess garden waste for free to one of our recycling centres.

You can also compost your garden and food waste at home.

Sack Collections

If you have sack collections please, see our sack collection page for more details.