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Flooding Reports and Guidance

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Flooding Guidance

For information and advice about flood prevention and preparation take a look at our leaflet - pdf icon "Flooding - Be Prepared!" [4Mb].

Our  also has the latest updates about our work to prevent and prepare for floods, or our Extreme Cold page has common-sense suggestions about how to get ready for the colder months, including how to prepare for flooding and other problems.

Winter Floods and Storms Debriefs

A lot of work has been done to find out why the 2013/14 flooding happened and what can be done to tackle it differently in the future. A comprehensive flooding debrief report has recently been completed, including results of surveys of residents, agencies and responders and that provides the background information to the floods and the actions taken as a result. 

The report also makes recommendations for investigations to improve response and recovery next time.

The Technical Flood Report and associated plans are also available online.


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