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Local Plan Review Evidence, Information and Monitoring

The evidence base and monitoring supporting the Local Plan Review

Local Plans must be supported by a robust evidence base. A number of studies and assessments have been undertaken, and information has been collected to inform, support and monitor the West Berkshire Local Plan Review to 2037 (LPR). 

The following table sets out the latest up-to-date evidence and supporting material that underpin the LPR. However, the list is not exhaustive and will continue to evolve as new studies are published.


Employment Land Review

An assessment of future demand for employment floor space, as well as existing and committed future supply. The study also identifies floorspace/land requirements to address unmet need

pdf icon Employment Land Review [5Mb]

Functional Economic Market Area (FEMA) and Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA)

Information on Berkshire's economy and the identification of how much land is required for employment growth

pdf icon Berkshire Functional Economic Market Area (FEMA) Study [9Mb]

pdf icon Western Berkshire Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA) [2Mb]


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Determines the variation in flood risk across the district. The Level 1 assessment looks at the district as a whole; the Level 2 assessment looks at specific sites or areas


Historic environment

Information on the managing the historic environment

Historic Environment - Planning Advice

Managing the Historic Environment

The West Berkshire Historic Environment Record (HER)

Historic Environment - Projects and Research


Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

Tests the potential viability of requiring market-lead residential development to provide affordable housing, whilst taking into account the local housing market, current delivery and the cumulative impact of the Local Plan policies

pdf icon Affordable Housing Viability Report [2Mb]

pdf icon Appendix 1: Assumptions Summary [946kb]

pdf icon Appendix IIa: Residential Results Summary [1Mb]

pdf icon Appendix IIb: Residential Results Summary - Additional Testing: Zero Carbon [1Mb]

pdf icon Appendix IIc: Sensitivity Test Matrix [865kb]

pdf icon Appendix III: Market Values and Assumptions [2Mb]

Five Year Housing Land Supply

We are required to identify enough deliverable sites to meet our housing requirement for the next five years. The next update will be published in early 2021.

Five Year Housing Land Supply

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Assessment (GTAA)

Provides the overall pitch/plot requirements for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople across the district

The document will be made available in early 2021

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Assessment of housing needs into the local and wider housing market area


Updated Housing Needs Evidence

An assessment of affordable housing need and older persons' accommodation within West Berkshire

pdf icon Updated Housing Needs Evidence [625kb]


Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

Sets out details of the infrastructure needed to support delivery of the LPR


Water Cycle Study Phase 1 - Scoping

Assesses the relationship between development and the water environment around West Berkshire. The Phase 1 Scoping Study assesses the potential issues relating to future development across West Berkshire and the impacts on water supply, wastewater collection and treatment and water quality.

pdf icon Water Cycle Study Phase 1 - Scoping [3Mb]

pdf icon Appendix A: Site Tracker [481kb]


Landscape Character Assessments

Landscape character and its sensitivity to future development

Landscape Character Assessments

Natural environment

Nature Conservation

Information on ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation

Nature Conservation

South East England Biodiversity Opportunity Areas (BOA) 2009

Identifies the BOAs outlined within the Core Strategy (Policy CS17) and draft emerging LPR (Policy SP11)

pdf icon South East England Biodiversity Opportunity Areas 2009 [988kb]

Retail and town centres

Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Assessment 2016

Sets out the need for retail and commercial leisure uses in the study area

pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Leisure Assessment 2016 (Volume 1 - Main Report) [2Mb]

pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Leisure Assessment 2016 (Volume 2 - Plans and Appendices) [6Mb]

pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Leisure Assessment 2016 (Volume 3 - Household Survey Results) [1Mb]

pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Leisure Assessment 2016 (Volume 4 - Bracknell In-Centre Survey Results) [242kb]

Settlement hierarchy

Review of the West Berkshire Settlement Hierarchy

Re-assessment of the existing settlement hierarchy. The settlement hierarchy guides the broad location of new and sustainable development. 

pdf icon Settlement Hierarchy Review Topic Paper [439kb]

pdf icon Appendix 1: Audit Criteria for Services and Facilities [597kb]

pdf icon Appendix 2: Settlement Audit [10Mb]

pdf icon Appendix 3: Audit Matrix and Settlement Scores [496kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4: Review of Settlement Hierarchy Tiers [441kb]

pdf icon Appendix 5: Qualitative Assessment [439kb]

Site selection

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

Identifying potential land for housing and economic development in West Berkshire. First published in February 2020, the HELAA was updated in December 2020 to take account of factual inaccuracies and include the assessment of newly promoted sites


Site Selection Background Paper for the Emerging Draft LPR

Sets outs the process that was used to identify new allocations in the LPR. 

pdf icon Site Selection Background Paper for the Emerging Draft Local Plan Review to 2037 [635kb]

excel icon Appendix 1: Sites ruled out in Stage 1 (assessed as 'not developable within the next 15 years' in the HELAA) [23kb]

excel icon Appendix 2: Sites ruled out in Stage 3 (Outside settlement hierarchy) [9kb]

excel icon Appendix 3: Sites ruled out in Stage 4 (non-strategic sites within the settlement boundary) [8kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4a: Newbury Site Assessments [559kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4b: Thatcham Site Assessments [396kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4c: Theale Site Assessments [186kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4d: Burghfield Common Site Assessments [246kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4e: Woolhampton Site Assessments [239kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4f: Bradfield Southend Site Assessments [465kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4g: Chieveley Site Assessments [272kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4h: Great Shefford Site Assessments [250kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4i: Kintbury Site Assessments [422kb]


Thatcham Strategic Growth Study

A three-stage process that assesses planning for the future of the settlement

pdf icon Stage 1: Thatcham Past [2Mb]

pdf icon Stage 2: Thatcham Present [1Mb]

pdf icon Stage 3: Thatcham Future [12Mb]

pdf icon Stage 3: Thatcham Future Appendices [20Mb]

West Berkshire Density Pattern Book Study

Guidance tool used for assessing the capacity of sites promoted for the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

pdf icon West Berkshire Density Pattern Book Study [2Mb]

Sport and recreation

Playing Pitch Strategy

An up-to-date analysis of supply and demand for playing pitches

pdf icon West Berkshire Playing Pitch Strategy [3Mb]

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Interim SA/SEA

Assessment of the economic, environmental, and social effects of the emerging draft LPR

pdf icon Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report [686kb]

pdf icon Appendix 1: Consultation Comments on Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (2018) [688kb]

pdf icon Appendix 2: Baseline Information [4Mb]

pdf icon Appendix 3: Relevant Plans and Programmes [575kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4: Sustainability Appraisal of Draft Policies [4Mb]

pdf icon Appendix 5: Sustainability Appraisal of Site Options [5Mb]


Transport Assessments

Assesses the impact of development upon the districts highway network

Transport Assessments


Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR)

Monitors progress of the Local Plan policies and documents.

Annual Monitoring Reports

Grazeley Masterplanning

Information report on potential growth scenarios at Grazeley.

pdf icon Grazeley Growth Scenarios Report (July 2018) [25Mb]

Thatcham Town Centre Design Appraisal (2009)

Gives guidance for the future of Thatcham Town Centre

pdf icon Thatcham Town Centre Design Appraisal [35Mb]

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