West Berkshire Council

Committees and Decision Making

West Berkshire Council provides services to local people, agrees policies which affect the district and also acts as a community leader. To make sure we do this in the right way we use a transparent, but formal, system to make our decisions. 

The majority of decisions are made by councillors elected by local residents. This is done either through the Executive Committee, through one of the support committees, or by all 43 councillors at full meetings of Council. Individual councillors can also make formal decisions and these are called Individual Executive Member Decisions

You can find a full list of committees, here.

View When Our Council Meetings Are Held
Council meetings that are open to the public
Asking a Question at a Meeting
Find out what questions you can ask, how to submit them, and what happens at the meeting
List of Committees
A list of all of our current committees - you can click on the name of each committee to find out more
Search Agendas, Reports, Decisions and Minutes
Search current and past agendas and minutes for Council, committee and sub-committee meetings
Future Committee Decisions
Key decisions in the 'Forward Plan' for discussion at future committee meetings
Reviewing Council Decisions and Performance
The role of scrutiny in monitoring and examining decisions and performance
Getting Involved in Reviewing Council Decisions
Your opportunity to express views on issues currently under review by scrutiny
View Council and Committee Meetings on YouTube
All our public Council and committee meetings are broadcast live on YouTube.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire Council's Democratic Services Team

01635 519462