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Cycle Training

Improving bike riding skills for adults and children in West Berkshire

We support both adults and children to learn how to cycle safely and enjoyably, building their confidence in cycling in West Berkshire.

For Children


Bikeability is the modern standard for cycle training, giving children and young people the skills and confidence to cycle on today's roads. The training is approved by the government, and delivered by instructors meeting nationally-approved standards.

Bikeability is delivered at three levels, each increasing your child's skills and confidence on increasingly busier roads.West Berkshire Council deliver free Bikeability courses in schools in our district during term time.

To learn more about Bikeability training,  you can speak to your child's school, or contact us. We have also developed some doc icon advice for parents about Bikeability [638kb].

You can view other activities that we run across the year on our online calendar.

Bikeability Summer Courses

Over the summer holidays we offer Bikeability courses at Kennet Leisure Centre, Thatcham and Cotswold Sports Centre, Tilehurst

These courses offer Bikeability training for young people who may have missed out on taking the course through their school. Courses run for two days, and cover Bikeability Levels 1 and 2 for children aged 10 and upwards. 


As these sessions are outside of our usual school sessions, Summer Courses require each attendee to pay a fee of £50. This fee covers both Level 1 and 2.

You can .

Please contact our Cycling Coordinator for more information.

For Adults

We can also help adults with adult cycle training. We can develop courses to suit your needs, whether this is starting from scratch, building confidence on the roads or help with finding routes.

To find out more information, contact our Cycling Coordinator.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's cycle training team

01635 503263