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Increase in Council Tax for 2019/20

An explanation of how the Council Tax increase works for 2019/20

The following explanation only relates to the West Berkshire element of your Council Tax bill. Further information about the Fire Service and the Police can be viewed here:

pdf icon Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service 2019/20 leaflet [658kb]

pdf icon Police & Crime Commissioner Council Tax leaflet 2019/20 [1Mb]

Last year, for 2018/19, the government allowed local councils to increase Council Tax by up to 5.99%:

  • 3% in relation to expenditure on Adult Social Care
  • 2.99% in relation to other expenditure

For this year, 2019/20, a Council Tax rise of 2.99% has been approved, however the council has not applied an Adult Social Care precept. 

Further information relating to the Adult Social Care element was provided in the guide enclosed with the annual bills. 

The table below relates to an average Band D property and shows the total amount to date that has been ring fenced for Adult Social Care ie, £106.06. It will be this amount showing on the bill.

YearOpening Band DCouncil Tax increaseAdult Social Care PreceptClosing Band D 




























The Band D charge for 2019/20 of £1,505.21 is shown on the Council Tax bill as £1,399.15 for West Berkshire and £106.06 for the Adult Social Care precept.

The West Berkshire element is added to the other precepts, including the Police, Fire Services and Town and Parish Council precepts, to give a total charge.

How we show different figures on our bills is largely determined by legislation and we can't change them. We are aware this has caused confusion in the past but hope that this explanation together with the information provided in the Council Tax guide has proved helpful.

If you have any questions regarding the increase of Council Tax, please contact the Council Tax Team.

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