West Berkshire Council


The Councillors representing the 24 wards in West Berkshire

The Council is made up of 43 Councillors who are elected every four years by the people who are registered to vote in West Berkshire. There are 24 electoral wards and each ward is represented by up to three Councillors.

Politically, the Council is currently composed of 24 Conservatives, 16  Liberal Democrats and 3 Green Party Councillors.

The Chairman of the Council is the civic head of the Council and is supported by the Vice-Chairman.

If you're not sure which ward you live in, or who your Councillor is, then you can use the online tool to find out, or you can view the full list of all Councillors in alphabetical order.

We publish records for Councillors' attendance records at meetings.

Correspondence for Councillors can be sent to their home address or to Members' Services via the contact details below.

Who To Contact

For queries and questions about West Berkshire Council's elected members

01635 519458