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Englefield Road and North Street, Theale: 30 and 40 mph speed limit

Having your say
Start date: 2019-09-05
End date: 2019-09-26
Results published: 2019-12-01

Proposed Parking Order for the Newbury Wharf Interchange in Wharf Road, Newbury

Parking Order to regulate the parking at the Newbury Wharf bus and coach interchange in Wharf Road, Newbury
Start date: 2019-08-15
End date: 2019-09-05
Results published: 2019-09-30

Parking Review Amendment 30 REF: 006685MS

Statutory advertisement of Traffic Regulation Order
Start date: 2019-08-08
End date: 2019-08-29
Results published: 2019-12-01

A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout, Newbury traffic order

Have your say
Start date: 2019-07-25
End date: 2019-08-15
Results published: 2019-10-02

Draft Revised Statement of Community Involvement

Have your say on our proposed changes
Start date: 2019-07-12
End date: 2019-08-24
Results published: 2019-12-20

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