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About Bus Passes for Older and Disabled People

Information about concessionary fares for eligible residents in West Berkshire

There have been changes to this service. Please see our information for residents during the coronavirus pandemic for more details.

Service Update

Although the council offices are now open, there may be a delay in the processing of bus pass applications, requests for replacements, payments by cheque or requests for information about bus passes that are sent in by post or dropped off in person.

All requests will be processed however it may take longer than the usual 10 days.

Where possible, please apply for a bus pass in the following ways

Replacement bus passes can also be ordered online. Payments by telephone can be taken between the hours of 9:30am to 1pm Monday to Friday. Please ring the payment line on 0330 131 9742 and select option four, then option two.

Please email any queries to transport@westberks.gov.uk. We will try and respond as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to meet you in person to discuss your application at this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but trust you will be understanding given the current state of affairs relating to the coronavirus.

Asking about Concessionary Fares

If you have a query or question about Concessionary Bus Passes, contact the Transport Services Team via the online form. The team will endeavour to respond to your query within ten working days.  

What is a Free National Off-Peak Bus Pass?

The Free National Off-Peak Bus Pass will allow you to travel, without charge, on any registered local bus service in England at off-peak times (between 9:30am and 11pm Monday to Friday, all day on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).    

Your pass is not valid on:

  • football services
  • long distance coach services
  • taxis
  • trams
  • trains
  • underground services
  • community car/minibus services
  • journeys in Scotland, Wales or Ireland

Who's eligible

Full details on eligibility for each type of bus pass is given on the application forms. All applicants must be permanent residents of West Berkshire.

Older Person's National Off-Peak Bus Pass

Currently the eligible age for an Older Person's National Off-Peak Bus Pass for both women and men is the state pensionable age of a woman. From 6 October 2020 a person is eligible when they reach their 66th birthday.

To check your state pensionable age see the calculator on the Direct Government website or contact the Concessionary Fares Team who can advise.

You can apply for an Older Person's Bus Pass up to three months prior to becoming eligible. The bus pass will get sent out in the post ten days before the eligible date.

How to apply

You can

Disabled Person's National Off-Peak Bus

Any person with a disability will be eligible for the Free National Off-Peak Bus Pass if they are at least five years old, and in one of the following categories:

  • is blind or partially sighted,

  • is profoundly or severely deaf,

  • is without speech, in any language (score of at least eight PIP points against 'communicating verbally'),

  • Has a disability, or has suffered an injury, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to walk. (score of at least eight PIP points against 'moving around'),

  • does not have arms or has long-term loss of the use of both arms,

  • has a learning disability which started before adulthood and qualifies the person for specialist services and special educational provision,

  • would be refused a licence to drive a motor vehicle, on grounds other than persistent misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Disability Evidence

The following document outlines the evidence that will be accepted in support of your application.

Medical Forms

If you need your doctor, medical practitioner or specialist to verify your eligibility you will need to arrange for one of the following forms to be completed and attached to your application. During the current coronavirus pandemic please minimise face to face contact with medical professionals when completing the forms. If required please use email or send completed forms to your doctor, medical practitioners or specialists for validation.

pdf icon Form3A - Blind or Partially Sighted [365kb]

pdf icon Form3B - Profoundly or Severely Deaf [365kb]

pdf icon Form3C - Without Speech [365kb]

pdf icon Form3D - Severe Walking Disability [365kb]

pdf icon Form3E - Without Use of Arms [365kb]

pdf icon Form3F - Learning Disability [365kb]

pdf icon Form3G - Unable to Drive on Medical Grounds [365kb]

How to apply

You can

Replacement Bus Passes

If you misplace your bus pass or it becomes damaged it will cost £16.50 for a replacement.

If your bus pass has been stolen the fee will be waivered if you can provide a valid crime reference number from a Police Crime Incident Management unit confirming that the pass was stolen (and not lost or misplaced). Upon verification the pass will be replaced without charge.

If the pass no longer works the Transport Services Team would need to inspect the pass for damage before considering whether the fee can be waivered.

There is an electronic chip in the card, so please take care - it may not work if it is bent, comes into contact with water or direct sunlight, or is sat on. 

How to pay

  • You can apply online for a replacement bus pass.
  • Ring the secure payment line on 0330 131 9742, select option 2, then option 2. Have your credit/debit card to hand.
  • Send in a cheque/postal order made payable to West Berkshire Council for £16.50. Please include your name, address and date of birth for identification purposes.

Please note that we no longer accept cash payments. 

Moving out of West Berkshire

If you have moved out of West Berkshire please return your bus pass to the Council (the address can be found on the back of the pass) and apply for a new bus pass with the local council where you have moved to.

Change of address

If you have moved address within West Berkshire please let us know. We will ask that you provide evidence of your new residence in the form of a council tax, utility bill or a driving licence.

You can print off the pdf icon Concessionary Fares change of details form [608kb] and attach the evidence and then send it into the Council offices or email it to transport@westberks.gov.uk.  

Change of name

If your name has changed please let us know. We will ask that you provide evidence of your name change.

You can print off the pdf icon Concessionary Fares change of details form [608kb] and attach the evidence and then send it into the Council offices or email it to transport@westberks.gov.uk.  

Renewal of your bus pass

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic your bus pass will be automatically renewed if you are of eligible age regardless of whether the bus pass has been used or not. The Council will review this approach at the end of 2020, if the policy changes it will be communicated here.

The new pass will get sent out in the post twenty one days before your current pass expires. If you do not receive your new bus pass contact the Concessionary Fares Team.

If you have changed name or address please let us know before your renewal date.

Most disabled bus passes will also be automatically renewed however some pass holders will be asked to provide evidence to show that they are still eligible for a Disabled Person's Bus Pass. A pass holder will be notified in writing if this applies to them. The pass will not be renewed until the evidence has been supplied and verified by the Transport Services Team.

Cancelling a Bus Pass

If a bus pass is no longer needed or an applicant has passed away please let us know through the Tell Us Once service or by contacting West Berkshire Council directly. The bus pass will then be cancelled. You can destroy the pass or return to the postal address on the back of the pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the bus pass? 

When boarding the bus please show the driver your bus pass and state where you want to go. You may be required to place your pass on the scanner of the electronic ticket machine.

Can I use my pass for rail travel?

No these passes are for bus use only. If you wish to travel by train, discounted travel is offered by National Rail through various Rail Card schemes, including a scheme for seniors (over 60s) and those with disabilities. Please visit the National Rail Card Schemes website for more details.   

Where can I find further details?

The way that the Concessionary Fares scheme works is described in full in doc icon West Berkshire's Concessionary Fares Operator Scheme [982kb].

Who To Contact