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List of Committees

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Full Council Meetings
Responsible for setting the budget and financial strategies, planning and transport policies, health and wellbeing strategies and the Council Strategy, as well as agreeing any changes to the Constitution.
Personnel Committee
Responsible for making changes to Human Resources policies and procedures, appointing staff at Head of Service level and above by means of an Appointments Panel, and for deciding requests for the early release of pensions, subject to Executive Committee approval.
Executive Committee
The main decision-making body of the council, with responsibilities across specific areas of operation (portfolios) including highways, transport, planning, environment, housing, children and young people, education, communities, finance, health and wellbeing.
Health and Wellbeing Board
Responsible for improving the health and wellbeing of the population across the district, by developing improved and integrated health and social care services.
Local Outbreak Engagement Board
A sub-group of the Health and Wellbeing Board. Its responsibilities include: lead engagement with the public regarding COVID-19 risks and prevention; endorse the Local Outbreak Control Plan and the accompanying Communications Plan; provide ongoing oversight of the implementation of these plans; provide political ownership of the local COVID-19 response; proactively lead the communications and engagement in the event of a local incident; coordinate, where appropriate, with neighbouring authorities in the event of cross/ near-boundary local outbreaks.
Individual Member Executive Decisions
For members of the Council's Executive (Portfolio Holders) to make certain decisions as individuals. These decisions still require a report to be written and published and are subject to scrutiny.
Overview and Scrutiny Management Commission
Responsible for examining, or reviewing, the decisions, policies and services of West Berkshire Council and in some cases those of other organisations and partners.
Health Scrutiny Committee
Responsible for undertaking scrutiny of health services within West Berkshire, ensuring that the needs and experiences of local residents are considered as an integral part of the planning, development and operation, and that those services are safe and effective in meeting local needs.
Eastern Area Planning Committee
Considers planning applications submitted from: Aldermaston; Basildon; Bucklebury; Burghfield and Mortimer; Pangbourne; Ridgeway; Thatcham Central; Thatcham Colthrop & Crookham; Thatcham North East; Thatcham West; Theale; Tilehurst Birch Copse; Tilehurst South & Holybrook; Tilehurst and Purley.
Western Area Planning Committee
The Western Area Planning Committee covers the following wards: Chieveley and Cold Ash; Downlands; Hungerford and Kintbury; Lambourn; Newbury Central; Newbury Clay Hill; Newbury Greenham; Newbury Speen; Newbury Wash Common; Ridgeway.
District Planning Committee
Considers recommendations from the Western and Eastern Area Planning Committees.
Licensing Committee
Meets to carry out the functions of the council as licensing authority in respect of the Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005.
Licensing Sub-Committee
Considers licensing applications where representations are received on an ad-hoc basis.
Governance and Ethics Committee
Considers and makes recommendations to the Council on: promoting high standards of conduct and to consider any complaints where there is an allegation that a District, Town or Parish Councillor may have breached their organisation's Code of Conduct; proposed changes to the Constitution; reviewing the council's financial statements; reviewing the external auditors' annual audit letter and ensures that Council is monitoring and managing its risks effectively.
Joint Public Protection Committee
Provides strategic direction and makes key decisions regarding the Joint Public Protection Service. This is a shared service, provided by Bracknell Forest District Council, West Berkshire District Council and Wokingham Borough Council, that carries out each Council's functions in respect of environmental health, licensing, gambling and trading standards.
Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)
Advises the local education authority on matters connected with religious worship in schools and on the religious education (RE) given in accordance with an agreed syllabus.
Delegated Officer Decisions
We delegate some of our powers and duties to officers. These decisions still require a written record that the decision has been made. As with meetings of the Executive, decisions to be taken by individuals must appear on the Forward Plan, and summaries of the decisions are published on our website.
Schools Forum
A statutory group which gives schools more involvement in the distribution of funding for education within local authorities.
Joint Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel
The Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel examines and reviews how the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, carries out his responsibilities of ensuring that Thames Valley Police runs effectively. The panel also has a role to support the Commissioner in his work.

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