West Berkshire Council

Cold Ash Neighbourhood Plan

Development of a neighbourhood plan for the parish of Cold Ash

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment

West Berkshire Council undertook screening for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). You can read the pdf icon screening report [3Mb] and pdf icon decision notice [85kb] online.

SEA is required for all plans which may have a significant effect on the environment. A SEA aims to protect the environment at a high level, and ensures the environment is considered during the preparation of plans. This promotes sustainable development.

Not all neighbourhood plans will require a SEA to be carried out. To decide if a SEA is required, a screening exercise is used to look at proposals in an emerging neighbourhood plan, to see if a significant effect is likely.

A HRA is required to determine if a neighbourhood plan would have a significant impact upon the integrity of nature conservation sites of international importance, such as Ramsar Sites, Special Areas of Conservation, and Special Protection Areas. If a plan is likely to result in significant impacts, then an assessment referred to as an Appropriate Assessment must be undertaken.

Neighbourhood Area Designation

A Neighbourhood Area for Cold Ash parish was designated on 19 March 2018; you can pdf icon view the Designation Notice online, here [730kb].

This is the first formal stage in the preparation of a neighbourhood plan, and the designation now allows Cold Ash Parish Council to commence work on a neighbourhood plan. The parish council have set up a website containing more information about their forthcoming neighbourhood plan.

In order to prepare a neighbourhood plan, town or parish council's must notify West Berkshire Council of their intention to designate a neighbourhood area. You can read the pdf icon Cold Ash Neighbourhood Area application form online [384kb].