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Developer Contributions (Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL))

CIL Phishing Scam

We have been noticed of a failed phishing scam, which aimed to divert expected CIL payments to false bank accounts. 

The perpetrators used a similar email address to a CIL Officer, missing only the full stop between 'gov' and 'uk', with the email content being copied exactly, except the bank details.

We do not include payment or bank account details in any email correspondence. All CIL payment and banking details are included in an attached demand notice and invoice. All emails will come from CIL@westberks.gov.uk

If you or a client is in any doubt regarding an email they have received, please contact the CIL team immediately.

New regulations regarding the the Community Infrastructure Levy (2019) came into force on 1 September 2019.

Please contact the Developer Contributions Team if you can't find the information you are looking for. 



Developer Contributions - Section 106
Guidance on/and requesting a Section 106 agreement
What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?
About CIL and the types of infrastructure it covers
Chargeable Development Types Under Community Infrastructure Levy
Development types that are liable under CIL
The Community Infrastructure Levy Process
Which CIL form to submit, and when
Community Infrastructure Levy Forms
All forms relating to the CIL process
Community Infrastructure Levy Guidance
Help to complete CIL forms and supporting information
Delivery of Community Infrastructure Levy Projects and Annual Reports
About the monitoring and reporting of CIL
Community Infrastructure Levy Appeals and Enforcement
When an appeal can be made and enforcing the process
Community Infrastructure Levy Charges
The charging schedule for CIL
Bidding for CIL Funds
Second round of CIL bid process for 2022/23
Information about our charging rates, measuring GIA, our instalment policy and CIL calculator

Who To Contact

For queries about Community Infrastructure Levy, S106 Planning Obligations and payment of Developer Contributions

01635 519111