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Taking a Break From Caring

Replacement (respite) care: help and support for carers to take a break from their responsibilities

Caring for someone can be a full-time job, and, like any job, you sometimes need to take a break. 

It is important to remember that if you go too long without taking a proper break, you may become ill, anxious or depressed. This can make life more difficult for you and the person you are caring for.

Being a carer doesn't have to mean living with the person you care for or that you provide care 24 hours a day. Even caring for someone for a short period can cause anxiety and stress.

What is replacement (respite) care?

Replacement care, formerly called 'respite care', is the term used for services that allow you to take a break from caring.

The NHS website explains more about how this works, and the different ways you can access it.

Replacement care in West Berkshire

Our pdf icon Information for Carers Booklet [1Mb] lists a variety of local groups and organisations that provide replacement care. These organisations can give you more information about their services, and how you can book them for yourself. 

Please note: some services may be charged for.

Help from West Berkshire Council 

To get help from us, get in touch with Adult Social Care, and we'll tell you about the replacement care options that are available. This could be care that you arrange yourself, or care that we arrange for you.

Before we can help you, we will offer an assessment of your needs. After the assessment, we will tell you if you are eligible for help from our services.

If you are not eligible, we will still provide information and advice, and put you in touch with other services and support groups that may be able to help you.


Replacement care services from West Berkshire Council are paid for by the adult that is being cared for, as they are the direct recipient of the service (ie if you are a carer, the person you ordinarily care for would be charged for the replacement care).

You can read more about Charges for Your Care online, or further information is available in pdf icon our guidance notes on charges for replacement care [180kb].

Who To Contact

Our contact centre for Adult Social Care

01635 503050