West Berkshire Council

Eligibility for Care and Support

How we work out if we can assist with care and support

We only have a limited amount of resources that we can use to support people with social care needs.  We're required by the government to decide how to best use the resources that we do have.  As a result, we carry out assessments to work out who is in need of the most help.

The Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2014 set out a national eligibility criteria for adults needing care and support, and for carers needing support. 

Full details of what we look at when we carry out an assessment, and how we make a decision, are listed in the regulations - you can read these online.

Adults needing care and support

If you're not assessed as having an eligible need, we'll still provide information, advice and agree any preventative actions to help you remain independent. This might include putting you in touch with other services, organisations and support groups.

If you're assessed as having eligible needs; we will work with you to identify solutions and agree the things we need to do to meet your requirements. We'll agree the steps with you and write them down in a detailed Care and Support plan for you. We will talk to you about paying for care.

Transition from Childrens Services

Transition is the period of time when young people are moving from childhood into adulthood.

When a child is likely to need a service beyond the age of 18, we will work to understand what they want and need. We will provide information and advice about the range of universal support services available in the local area to help maintain independence. The conversation may include consideration of care and support needs against the adults eligibility criteria.

If a young person is eligible for care and support, further work will be undertaken to identify their care needs and develop a person-centered transitions pathway with input from all agencies. Our Local Offer provides further information about the transition process.

Carers needing support

Carers have a right to a Carers Assessment of their needs - there's a separate national carers eligibility criteria - you can read these online..

If you're not assessed to have an eligible need, we'll still provide information and advice, and put you in touch with other services and support groups that may be able to help you.

If we've assessed you as having an eligible need, we'll work with you to find ways to meet your requirements. We'll agree the steps with you and write them down in a support plan for you.

Who To Contact

Our contact centre for Adult Social Care (formerly our 'Access for All' team)

01635 503050