West Berkshire Council

Bin Store Recycling

Recycling bins for flats and communal properties

Communal Bins
Communal Bins

If you live in a flat, or a communal property, you'll have a "pdf icon bin store [2Mb]". There will be a number of green bins within the bin store to use for recycling.

The recycling bins are clearly labelled to show which material can be put into them:

Blue top bin - paper and cardboard

Brown top bin - glass bottles and jars

Red top bin - plastic bottles, aerosols and cans

To make sure you get a great service:

  • please use empty bins at the back of the bin store first.
  • only put rubbish that can't be collected by the recycling scheme in the black rubbish bins
  • keep your bin store tidy -make sure all recycling and rubbish is placed inside the bins; no recycling or rubbish should be left on the floor or on top of the bins
  • don't block access to the bin store  - if access is blocked by cars or other vehicles we may not be able to collect your rubbish
  • don't leave furniture or large items of rubbish in your bin store - large household furniture can be taken to Newtown Road Recycling Centre or collected by our bulky waste service