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Withdrawal of Permitted Development Rights - Article 4 Directions

Withdrawal of Permitted Development Rights by the Local Planning Authority

Some projects and development can be undertaken without the need for planning permission. This is known as 'Permitted Development '.

In some instances, permitted development rights may be withdrawn by us, the Local Planning Authority, by issuing an Article 4 Direction. This is a tool used to provide additional control over development in a particular location. One example could be where the local amenity and wellbeing of an area would be threatened.

There are two types of Article 4 Direction:

  • An Immediate Direction is where permitted development rights are withdrawn with immediate effect and are then confirmed by us following consultation.
  • A Non-Immediate Direction is where permitted development rights are withdrawn following consultation and confirmation by us.

The effect of an Article 4 Direction is that planning permission is required for development which would otherwise be classed as permitted development.

An Article 4 Direction does not necessarily mean we will subsequently refuse planning permission for a proposal. It simply means that we are given the opportunity to fully assess each proposal on its own merits, having regard to the planning policies and guidance in force at the time.

Further information about permitted development rights and Article 4 Directions can be found on the Planning Practice Guidance website, specifically in the article When is Permission Required? (paragraphs 020 and 036 - 053)  and on the Planning Portal's Do you Need Permission? webpage.

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