West Berkshire Council

Start date: 2021-07-15
End date: 2021-08-05
Results: 2021-10-01

Parking Review Amendment 31 REF: 07883MS

Statutory advertisement of Traffic Regulation Order

This Order is proposed to improve road safety at identified problem locations; it will address obstruction concerns related to inconsiderate parking and will resolve issues relating to resident parking, together with the management of parking on highways in various locations across the district.

Before amendments to the existing parking Consolidation Order can be brought into force, a public consultation must take place. If objections are received they will be investigated and a report prepared for the Executive Member for Highways to consider what action to take under Individual Decision and whether to proceed with the proposal as advertised. 

The pdf icon Plan overview [270kb] provides the locations and the reasons for the proposed parking restrictions for each consultation plan listed.

The pdf icon Draft Order and Statement [459kb] is available for viewing along with the plans listed below:

Hungerford:  pdf icon M69-Park Street [226kb]

Newbury:  pdf icon AJ77 -Enborne Road [143kb]  pdf icon AJ83-Andover Road [260kb]  pdf icon AK71-Brummel Road [290kb]  pdf icon AK78-Valley Road [239kb]  pdf icon AK79-Bartlemy Road [256kb]  pdf icon AL75-Berkeley Road [293kb]  pdf icon AL76-Enborne Road [275kb]  pdf icon AL79-Bartlemy Road [256kb]  pdf icon AN69-Kingsley Close [244kb]  pdf icon AN70-Church Road [228kb]  pdf icon AP72-Dorneywood Way [278kb]

Greenham:  pdf icon AO76-Chatham House [187kb]  pdf icon AP76-Racecourse Road [149kb]

Beedon:  pdf icon AP31-Westons [132kb]

Thatcham:  pdf icon AV72-The Henrys [274kb]  pdf icon AV74-Nideggen Close [275kb]  pdf icon AW73-Chapel Street [264kb]  pdf icon AX76-Wheelers Green Way [287kb]  pdf icon AZ76-Gables Way [189kb]

Streatley:  pdf icon BI20-Streatley Hill [148kb]

Pangbourne:  pdf icon BT36-Thames Avenue [228kb]

Sulham:  pdf icon BV44-Sulham Hill [134kb]  pdf icon BW44-Sulham Hill [124kb]  pdf icon BW45-Sulham Hill [123kb]

Theale:  pdf icon BV58-Brunel Road [196kb]  pdf icon BV59-Brunel Road [204kb]  pdf icon BV60-Arrowhead Road [168kb]

Tilehurst:  pdf icon BW51-Little Heath Road [174kb]  pdf icon BX42-Long Lane [235kb]  pdf icon BX51-Bitterne Avenue [315kb]

Purley:  pdf icon BZ37-Wintringham Way [254kb]  pdf icon BZ38-Wintringham Way [245kb]

For further information on the scheme, please contact the Traffic and Road Safety team. You can also comment or object to the proposals by downloading the doc icon Response form [235kb]  and returning it to the Traffic and Road Safety team by no later than 5 August 2021