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Find information about community support and our services during the coronavirus pandemic, on our information for residents pages, our information for businesses pages, and our community support hub page which has guidance to help coordinate community organisations.

See a summary of our Local Outbreak Control Plan and read our frequently asked questions. 

Booking an Appointment at HWRC: your questions answered

Explaining how the booking system will work

When are we reopening the recycling centres?

The government has issued new guidelines regarding the re-opening of recycling centres. In line with this we are reopening our two recycling centres from Thursday 14 May 2020. There are restrictions and some changes to the normal rules of the sites. You can view these here..

Can I just turn up at the recycling centres?

No, you must book an appointment to visit the site. Anyone turning up without an appointment will not be allowed entry. Appointments are restricted to one per week.

There will be a limited number of appointments available between 9am -6pm, every day. To You can book an appointment online. Simply choose a time slot and complete the required information. You will need to enter the car registration of the vehicle you will be using to visit the site.

You can also book by calling our customer services team on 01635 519080, please be aware that lines may be very busy as they manage calls for multiple council services.

What do I need to do before I visit the recycling centre?

We expect both recycling centres to be very busy. Before you travel to one of our recycling centres please ensure you:

  • Have booked an available appointment
  • Check to see if all waste materials can still be taken to the site - if there are is an issue with disposing or recycling of a type of material we may have to stop accepting it.
  • Consider the site layout when loading waste into your car
  • Check travel times and any restrictions in place
  • Have your permit, or ID and proof of West Berkshire address with you.
  • Have a copy of your booking confirmation with you (either a print out or on your phone)
  • Are aware that only one person leaves the car while on site. Exceptions may be made if you have large/heavy items that require more than one person (but no more than 2 people) to handle. Please notify site staff upon arrival if you require 2 people to leave your vehicle (our staff cannot help with your waste).

What rubbish and recycling can I take to the recycling centres?

Rubbish and recycling must only be taken to the recycling centre if it cannot be stored temporarily at home safely (without causing risk of injury, health or harm) or disposed of safely by other means such as through the bulky waste service, online selling sites or retailer take-back services.

We will accept materials as normal (apart from the items intended for reuse (such as bicycles and furniture) as this service is not currently accepting any items  items ) - please check here for full list. If there is an issue with disposal or recycling of certain materials we may have to temporary stop accepting those materials without notice. We are working hard to ensure all materials can still be taken for recycling or disposal but will keep this webpage updated with any changes or restrictions.

What do I need to do when I get to the recycling centre?

  • Please be patient if you have to queue
  • Listen to site staff for instructions on using the site safely
  • Ensure that only one person leaves the car while on site. Exceptions may be made if you have large/heavy items that require more than one person (but no more than 2 people) to handle. Please notify site staff upon arrival if you require 2 people to leave your vehicle (our staff cannot help with your waste).
  • Maintain social distancing of two metres

There are no time slots available, when will more be available?

We are expecting the demand for appointments to be high and some residents may be disappointed if they do not get an appointment straight away. There will be a limited number of time slots available on each day for each site to allow us to maintain social distancing measures and traffic flow.

What if I turn up early or late to my booking appointment?

Please do not turn up earlier than your agreed time slot, as you will not be given entry to the site and will be turned away. You will have to re-queue and may then miss your actual allocated time.

How many times can I visit a recycling centre?

Residents will be limited to one appointment a week, at one recycling centre. This is to help control social distancing, minimise queue and impact on traffic. We may cancel any additional bookings you make and reserve the right to ban residents who abuse the service.

I don't have a purple/ornage permit, can I visit in my van?

No. You need a valid permit to visit in a van or any other restricted vehicle as per our pdf icon user guide [9Mb]. You can apply for a permit, however please be aware that there is a delay in issuing these permits due to the current pandemic.

I live in Hampshire, can I visit your recycling centres?

Residents of Hampshire that have been issued a West Berkshire blue permit can book appointments for Newtown Road, they are not entitled to use the Padworth Lane recycling centre.

Can I still use/get a one day temporary permit for a van/hire van?

Yes, please read the information provided here before visiting. 

Why did we close the recycling centres?

Newtown Road and Padworth Recycling Centres were closed when 'lockdown' measures were first put in place. A visit to a recycling centre was not considered an essential journey, so the sites were closed in line with the lockdown rules.