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Start date: 2019-10-24
End date: 2019-11-14
Results: 2019-11-14

Amendment to the Off-Street Parking Order: Station Road Car Park, Hungerford

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The Station Road car park in Hungerford currently uses pay and display system, with pay by phone as an alternative means of payment.

We are proposing to implement a one year trial of a ticketless pay on foot system. Upon entry to the car park, cameras will read car number plates and when leaving, the customer can either:

  • pay at the pay station using cash or card
  • use the 'tap and go' at the exit barrier
  • pay by phone

It is considered that the new system will benefit rail commuters using the car park as there is no need to put a ticket in the car and payment may be made on their return. Shoppers will not be constrained by pre-purchased parking time.

Please send your comments to the Parking Team before Thursday 14 November at 5pm.

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West Berkshire Council's Parking Office

01635 519213