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Community Infrastructure Levy Calculator

Estimating the amount of CIL that may be payable

If you wish to estimate your CIL liability, please use our online calculator.

This calculator will give you an indication of the amount of CIL owed on a project, given the parameters you supply.

It is not intended as a final representation of your total liability, and does not constitute the CIL determined by the CIL charging authority or legal advice.

As your application progresses, you will be issued a liability notice and demand notice, which will contain the final breakdown of CIL owed on a development. The amount set out in the liability notice and demand notice is the amount you will need to pay.

You should not rely on the calculator to make decisions which depend on the amount of CIL liability.

If you wish to commence your development and have not yet received a liability notice, please contact the Development Contributions Team immediately.

Furthermore, you should not commence development (including demolition), without confirmation of any relief/exemption for CIL from the Development Contributions Team and without submitting a Form 6: Commencement Notice.

As of 1 January 2021 the indexation figure is 333 as published by RICS:

RICS CIL Index (base 1985 means = 100)

Year: 2021

Index: 333

Published: 26 October 2020

For further detail, please see the RICS Community Infrastructure Levy Index.


Who To Contact

For queries about Community Infrastructure Levy, S106 Planning Obligations and payment of Developer Contributions

01635 519111