West Berkshire Council

Report highlights economic strength of Newbury

A recent report has singled Newbury out for its strong economy.

2018 Northbrook Street, Newbury

Issued on: 8 October 2018

The 'Talk of the Town' report, published by the Centre for Cities, ‎highlights the typical economic links between cities and their smaller neighbouring towns. In it, Newbury is mentioned as a exceptional case because its economy is strong and self-sufficient as it does not rely on these links as towns of a similar size do. 

Commenting on the findings, James Fredrickson, West Berkshire's Executive Member for Economic Development said:

"This is great news for Newbury and it reinforces exactly what we already know about our local economy.

"Newbury has a wide range of businesses, a well-educated population and is a great place to live so it's no wonder that we have this level of economic resilience locally.

"As we develop our Economic Development Strategy in the coming months, we will be considering how we can boost our economy still further so that even more residents and businesses can benefit from this success."