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Emotional Health Academy: West Berkshire and Out of Area Schools

Our emotional health support offer to schools

The Emotional Health Academy (EHA) is funded by schools, the local authority, CCGs and Public Health. Our immediate impact would not have been possible without the investment from our local schools.

Schools continue to play a large part in our approach to supporting the children and young people in West Berkshire with emotional difficulties. We offer a range of flexible buy-in options that allow schools to cater for the needs of their children and young people. These include set annual packages, bespoke services, and packages that school clusters can buy into together.

Our Emotional Health Workers deliver a range of individual, group and classroom interventions, as well as working holistically with the family when appropriate. They are also able to provide consultation and training to schools in enhancing emotional health support to their pupils.

Available services

Find out more about our trading offers for:

  • maintained West Berkshire schools
  • maintained schools outside West Berkshire
  • independent schools in and outside of West Berkshire

If you would like to discuss the options further, please contact us.

A quote from a local Headteacher:

"We have been very impressed by the EHA offer. The staff we have worked with have been highly skilled, effective and professional. For us, the main benefits have been:

- an additional and higher level element to our established ELSA systems

- professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff

- excellent resources

- positive engagement with parents

- a clearly identifiable and positive impact on the children being supported

It is our intention to work very hard to build additional funding into our budget next year in order to buy more EHA time. That statement, in such challenging financial times, probably says more than anything about how highly we rate both the concept and delivery."

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