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Start date: 2018-01-11
End date: 2018-02-10
Results: 2018-02-15

[ARCHIVED] Public Path Order: divert part of Public Footpath Shaw-cum-Donnington 20

Proposal to divert part of the public footpath running along the private driveway of Honeybottom House/Walnut Cottage RG20 8AL onto a field edge route to the south

This consultation is now closed.

You can view the notice and order plan for this Public Path Order below:

The order proposes to divert public footpath Shaw-cum-Donnington 20, which currently runs along the enclosed private driveway of Walnut Cottage and Honeybottom House at Honeybottom, Shaw-cum-Donnington RG20 8AL, onto a field edge route a few metres to the south. The diversion is considered as making the path more scenic and enjoyable for the public to use.

The diversion was requested by the landowner to improve privacy and security of the two residences. The diversion order applicant (the landowner) has agreed to pay our administration and advertising costs for making the order (although West Berkshire Council must pay costs to pursue the matter further if there are objections).

If there are no objections by 9 February 2018 then the order can be confirmed and will come into effect immediately.

Please contact the Definitive Map Officer with any queries or requests for further information.

What you told us

We received one response, which asked if it was possible for the landowner to erect electric fencing alongside the path. After being made aware of our guidance to landowners on electric fencing alongside public footpaths (based on the Ramblers guidance) the representation has been withdrawn.

What we did

As there were no objections, the order will be confirmed once the applicant has paid the relevant costs.

Who To Contact

For enquiries about the Definitive Map for Public Rights of Way in West Berkshire

01635 503251