West Berkshire Council

Mortgage Advice

Our Housing Options Service can provide help and support if you're struggling to pay your mortgage

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, or considering selling or giving up your home, you must contact your lender in the first instance and discuss the situation to find out what your options are. It's a good idea to:

  • Pay what you can of your monthly amount, if you can't pay all of it
  • Work out your income and outgoings with other debts you might have and see how much money is left to pay your arrears - remember that your mortgage is the priority debt
  • Check that you are claiming any benefits you're entitled to; including Income Support

Don't sell or move out of your home without seeking advice first, as this might affect a future homelessness application.

The Housing Options Service can help you to negotiate with your lender and give you assistance if you have to go to court. We can also help you find other accommodation if you have to leave your home.

If you let us know of your situation early enough, we can provide you with advice on preventing potential homelessness.

The National Homelessness Advice Service provides further information about court hearings, assisted sales and debt advice.

The Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelter can also provide you with further advice.


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