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Start date: 2016-10-31
End date: 2016-12-11
Results: 2017-03-09

[ARCHIVED] Budget Proposal 2017/18: Highway Fees and Charges, including Parking

Increasing parking charges, introducing new on-street parking charges and reducing staff numbers


This is one of seven budget proposals for 2017/18. You can view the full list online.

Parking charges at council car parks were increased in May 2016 following extensive public consultation. Charges for season tickets, evening parking, and resident and visitor parking permits were also increased. Sunday charges were aligned with those charged on other week days.

Unfortunately due to severe financial pressures, it is necessary to consult on further increases for the financial year 2017/18. This will enable additional income generated to be used to continue to secure expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic and provide suitable and adequate parking facilities on and off the public highway. It will mean that we can continue to provide a broad range of functions including traffic schemes, pedestrian crossings, speed limits and civil enforcement as well as different types of parking facilities.

We have to test that surplus revenue from parking charges does not exceed spending on these functions following the High Court ruling against the London Borough of Barnet ('the Barnet case') on 22 July 2013. Having done this, there is no reason, from a Barnet case perspective, not to proceed with the proposal to generate this additional income whilst remaining competitive with other towns in the region.

Fees are levied for a range of activities on the public highway requiring a licence.  These include vehicular crossings, builder's skips, scaffolds, storing materials on the highway, placing tables and chairs on the highway and placing a crane or other structure on the highway.

Legislation requirements

The test against the Barnet case criteria has been considered and proven to be acceptable as set out above. The proposed changes to the tariff charges will be advertised under Section 35C of the Road Traffic (Regulation) Act 1984. Highway licences are granted under the Highways Act 1980.

What are we proposing?

1. To implement the following tariff at our main Newbury car parks:


 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£1.30£1.50
Up to 2 hours£2.50£2.70
Up to 3 hours£3.70£3.90
Up to 4 hours£5.00£5.20
Up to 6 hours£7.00£7.20
Up to 8 hours£8.50£8.70
Over 8 hours£12.00No change


2. To implement the following tariffs at our outer subsidiary Newbury car parks, eg Northcroft Lane West and the Football Club:


 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 2 hours£1.50£1.70
Up to 4 hours£3.00£3.20
Over 4 hours£5.00£5.20


3. To implement the following tariffs at our other car parks:


Hungerford Church Street and Station Road

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.50£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£0.90£1.30
Up to 3 hours£1.10£1.70
Up to 4 hours£1.20£2.00
Up to 10 hours£4.00No change
Over 10 hours (Church Street)£10.00No change
Over 10 hours (Station Road)£6.00No change


Hungerford High Street (on-street)

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.50£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£0.90£1.30
Up to 4 hours£3.60£3.80
Up to 8 hours£6.00No change
Over 8 hours£10.00No change


Pangbourne Station Road

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.70£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£1.20£1.30
Up to 3 hours£1.60£1.70
Over 3 hours£5.50No change


Pangbourne River Meadow

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.70£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£1.20£1.30
Up to 3 hours£1.60£1.70
Up to 4 hours£2.00No change
Up to 8 hours£2.50No change
Over 8 hours£5.50No change


Thatcham Kingsland Centre

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.70£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£1.20£1.30
Up to 3 hours£1.60£1.70
Over 3 hours£3.00  No change


Thatcham Gilbert Court

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hourFreeNo change
Up to 2 hours£0.50£0.60 
Up to 3 hours£0.80£0.90 
Over 3 hours£2.00  No change


Thatcham Burdwood Centre

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 2 hoursFreeNo change
Up to 3 hours£0.80£0.90 
Over 3 hours£2.00  No change


Thatcham Station

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Off-peak*£2.00  No change
Peak*£3.40  No change

*Off-peak - Arrival after 10am and return the same day (and up to 24 hours Saturdays and Sundays)

*Peak - Arrival before 10am Monday to Friday and return within 24 hours

Theale Main

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 2 hours£0.70£0.80 
Over 2 hours£1.20£1.30  


Theale West

 Current TariffNew Tariff
Up to 1 hour£0.70£0.80  
Up to 2 hours£1.20£1.30 
Over 2 hours£5.50  No change  


4. To introduce on-street charging near Thatcham Railway Station in Aylesford Way and Pipers Lane where no charges currently apply. The proposal is to offer pay by mobile phone only payments with charges of £1.00 for up to four hours and £1.50 for over four hours.

5. To delete a currently vacant part time Civil Enforcement Officer post.

6. To increase the charge for highway licenses by an average of 10%, following a benchmarking exercise with other local authorities. They were not increased in 2016/17.

In total we estimate these proposals will raise approximately £215,000 of additional income and save £12,000 in expenditure.

What do we think the impact will be?

We think the impact on residents and visitors will generally be minimal. In Newbury we are only proposing an increase of £0.20 on each of the current tariff charges in our car parks and for longer stays of over eight hours no increase is proposed. In our other car parks we are only proposing a £0.10 increase on each of the current tariff charges and for stays over three hours no increase is proposed. In the Theale West car park the proposed charge for over two hours is unchanged. There are some slightly higher increases in the charges proposed in Hungerford although not for stays over four hours. 

There is widespread on-street commuter parking in the two roads near Thatcham Railway Station where we propose to introduce charges. We believe it is reasonable to expect commuters travelling out of Thatcham to pay a charge to park. However we do not want to displace parking into nearby residential roads in significant numbers and so we have kept the proposed charges at a modest level.

Whilst it is important to have enough Civil Enforcement Officers to provide adequate levels of enforcement, it is considered that the loss of one part time CEO (18.5 hours per week) will not have an adverse effect.

Please refer to the pdf icon Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) for more detail. [12kb]

What else have we considered in arriving at our proposal?

We have considered the effect of these price increases on town centre businesses and concluded that they will not have any adverse impact. There are many options that can be considered for generating additional income from parking similar to those that were introduced in May 2016 (eg increase season tickets, increase the evening charge, increase resident and visitor parking permits). These have all been considered again this time, but ruled out.

Consideration has also been given to increasing on-street charges in Newbury, but we believe that the current charges are still appropriate and are therefore not proposing any change to these.

The charges near Thatcham Railway Station could be set higher than proposed, but we consider that this would have a negative impact on residential roads with commuters parking in them.

Why we would like your views

We would like to hear from you as to how this proposal could potentially impact on you and on the wider community. In particular, we would be interested in any views you have on how we can minimise the impact of this proposed change.

All feedback will be considered, and a final decision made by Full Council at the meeting on 2 March 2017. Following this, the results and your anonymised response will be published on this page.

Please note: Twitter and Facebook posts will not be considered as a valid response.

This consultation is now closed.


What you told us

We received 54 responses to this consultation. Full details of the responses, considerations and recommendations can be seen below:

What we did

A recommendation on how to proceed with this proposal was made to the Full Council Meeting on 2 March 2017. This can also be found in the Overview of Responses and Recommendations below.

At the vote, Councillors agreed to proceed with this proposal.

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