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Explosives Licence

Licensing the storage of explosives

Please note that the legislation around explosives licences has changed. The Explosives Regulations 2014 details the conditions and requirements for granting licenses.

The body that grants your licence depends on the type, and amount, of explosives you are proposing to store. West Berkshire Council only grants licences for a one-year duration (they can subsequently be renewed each year they are required).

Please check you are applying to the correct body before starting your application.
The HSE provides guidance on applying for a licence.

Applying through West Berkshire Council

To apply for an explosives license, contact our Trading Standards team.

We can consider applications for lower-tier licences.
This means that you are proposing to store a maximum of either:

  • 30 kgs of Hazard Type 1 or 2 explosives, or
  • 100 kgs of Hazard Type 3 explosives, or
  • 250 kgs of Hazard Type 4 explosives

Hazard Types are explained on the HSE website - if in doubt, contact your supplier.
The quantities that we'll allow you to store can vary depending on the storage locations (for instance how close the location is to other buildings or to public footpaths).

If your licence application relates to a total amount of explosives in excess of 2000kg, or relates to a type of explosive controlled under other legislation, you will need to apply to another body for a license. Check the HSE guidance on applying for an explosives licence for more information.

Licence Fees

Details of the fees payable for explosives licenses are listed on the HSE website.  Please note that an All Year Round licence to sell fireworks is offered at ¬£500, but will need to be accompanied by a new upper or lower tier licence for storage as well.

Licences run from 1 October to the following 30 September.

Who To Contact

Information and advice for businesses from West Berkshire and Wokingham's Trading Standards Service

01635 519930