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Restrictions on Public Rights of Way (Motor Vehicles)

Legal restrictions on motorised and non-motorised vehicles on Public Rights of Way (PRoW)

Members of the public have a right to use Byways Open to All Traffic on foot, bicycle, horseback and in motorised and non-motorised vehicles (eg motorcycles, cars or pony-and-trap).

Driving without care, or damaging the surface of a Byway Open to All Traffic is an offence - please use byways responsibly. If you see any illegal activity on any public right of way, please contact the Bucklebury and Downlands neighbourhood policing team.

Using motor vehicles along any other types of Public Right of Way (including public footpaths, public bridleways or restricted byways) without permission, such as from a landowner or through a private right of access, is also an offence.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders to restrict or prohibit public access in motor vehicles, and sometimes other traffic (eg bicycles or pedestrians), can be made on Byways Open to All Traffic.  This is usually to preserve the surface of the byway, or sometimes for safety reasons. These orders can be permanent or temporary in duration.

Current Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Our map showing pdf icon Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders [2Mb] gives more information about the locations of orders currently in effect.

You can also view Traffic Regulation Orders through our roadworks webpage.

The Ridgeway National Trail

For more information on restrictions on the Ridgeway, please see National Trails in West Berkshire.

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