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Coming out of Hospital

Making sure you get home and recover safely after a stay in hospital

Before you are discharged, hospital staff should talk to you to work out any difficulties that you might face when you get home. Depending on your needs, you might be referred to West Berkshire Council's Joint Care Provider Services Team for an assessment, to make sure your return home is safe and timely.

If you are not assessed as eligible for help in this way, you can find further information and sources of support through our West Berkshire Directory.

Aids and Equipment

When coming out of hospital, you may benefit from aids and equipment that help you regain independence in your home.

Before you are discharged, the hospital should look at any equipment needs you may have, and make arrangements with you for it to be provided. However, when you get home, you may find you need a bit of extra help getting around or doing things for yourself while you recover. 

You can arrange for some aids and equipment for yourself to help you get around. It may be that you only need a wheelchair or some equipment on a temporary basis - the West Berkshire Directory lists providers of temporary equipment that can help with this. 

In some cases, West Berkshire Council might be able to provide Community Alarms and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services to help prevent problems, or get help quickly if they do occur.

Making sure vital electrical equipment is not cut off

After a hospital stay, you might rely on electrical equipment, such as a home dialysis machine, oxygen concentrator, artificial ventilator, stairlift or adjustable bed on a permanent basis.

By registering yourself on the free Priority Services Register, your electricity company will be aware that you rely on your electricity supply for your equipment.

They will do their utmost to prevent your supply from going off, and, if it does, they'll make sure that you get your power back on as a matter of urgency. Each energy supplier maintains their own register, you will find their contact details on the back of your energy bill.  

Thames Water Priority Services Register also offers a similar service for your water supply.

Further Assistance

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