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Going into Hospital

Planning your stay in hospital

Going into hospital, even for a short stay, can be worrying for you and those that depend on you. 

There is help available for things you might be concerned about, such as transport, benefits and care for others or pets in your absence.

Getting to the hospital

If your GP hasn't already arranged for your transport to hospital, there are volunteer drivers who can help take you to hospital appointments. The West Berkshire Volunteer Car Scheme covers Newbury and Thatcham.  The Volunteer Centre website also lists contact details of village schemes, including the Handybus service which runs beyond Newbury and Thatcham.

Get in touch with your nearest service to arrange for transport (you will need to book in advance).

Help with caring for someone whilst you are away

If you are a carer for somebody and are concerned how they will cope whilst you are away, our Carers Support Services webpage lists organisations that can help you make sure that those who depend on you are looked after in your absence.

Help with looking after your pets

You may have a pet that needs to be looked after while you're away. It can also take a little while to get back on your feet after a hospital stay, making it difficult to look after your pet yourself.

The West Berkshire Directory has a list of pet care organisations that can provide assistance with things like pet sitting or walking whilst you are in hospital, or upon your return home.

Your benefits

Going into hospital may affect any benefits you currently receive.

Most benefits (such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP)  (replacing Disability Living Allowance), Attendance Allowance and Employment Support Allowance (Incapacity Benefit)) require that you get in touch with the agencies responsible, to tell them of this change in your circumstances.

A stay in hospital may also affect your Housing Benefit  - please let our benefits team know.

Carers Allowance

If someone receives Carer's Allowance because they are caring for you, this may also be affected if you go into hospital - you should advise them to report changes affecting Carer's Allowance online or by contacting the Carer's Allowance Unit.

Further Assistance

Do you still need help?

Get in touch with us and tell us what you're looking for.

Who To Contact

Our contact centre for Adult Social Care

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