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Help with Eating Properly

Practical solutions and advice on how to eat well

Help doing your shopping, or with getting out to the shops

If you're having difficulties doing your grocery shopping, it may be worth having it delivered by a local shop, or ordering your shopping online instead.  You can find contact details for supermarkets on our Social Care Info Point, or most major retailers have websites with online shopping options that you can find on the internet.  If you'd like further assistance or help, Age UK Berkshire offer an Easy Shop service that can help you with your shopping for a small fee.

If you're able to do your own shopping, but need help getting to and from the shops, West Berkshire Council's community transport service can offer some options to assist.

Lunch clubs

Lunch clubs run across West Berkshire - they provide a social occasion for many people as well as an important opportunity to eat well without needing to worry about preparing the food yourself.  Many lunch clubs are subsidised, and offer the chance to take part in various social activities.

There's likely to be one close to where you live, but if you need help getting there and back some of the clubs themselves can assist - contact them directly to see if they're able to help.  Alternatively, West Berkshire Council's community transport service can help you with transport.

Having meals delivered to your home

Sometimes having your meals delivered is the best option to make sure you are eating properly. West Berkshire Council do not provide a meal delivery service, but there are a number of companies that do offer this service in our area instead. 
The meals can be hot, frozen or chilled and can be delivered to your door on the days you choose and on a temporary or permanent basis.  Some of the meal providers are also able to cater for special diets.

Equipment to help with eating

If you need small pieces of specialist equipment to help you eat, such as plate guards or specialist easy-grip cutlery, there are companies that can supply items to help. NRS Healthcare and BetterLife, among others, provide equipment that can help you in preparing and eating meals. 
A full list of organisations that provide aids and equipment is available on the Social Care Info Point.

Help with preparing meals

If you need help from someone else to prepare your meal, have a schedule of medication or set times you need to eat, or you have special dietary requirements, Care Agencies can give you the support you need. 

Eating the right things and staying healthy

You can read general advice on eating well from the National Health Service, and specialist advice on a number of topics related to healthy eating from the Social Care Info Point.

West Berkshire Council's Public Health and Wellbeing team also produces a guide to Older People's Health and Wellbeing providing further information on healthy eating.  They also  provide an Eat4Health scheme for people with a clinical need to lose weight.

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