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Feeling Safe

Sources of help if you, or someone you care for, feels vulnerable

If you are concerned that you - or someone you care for - is either at risk of being mistreated, is not being looked after properly or is a victim of abuse, then please raise a safeguarding alert.

There are also steps that you can take in your own home to feel safer, including using equipment and assistive technology. You can find more information on how this could help on our Community Alarms and Telecare Equipment webpage.

You can also find a list of resources providing support to keep you safe in your home, on our West Berkshire Directory.

Rogue traders and scams

Sometimes, particularly as we get older, we don't feel secure in our own homes. The news often details cases of rogue traders who try to 'rip you off', intimidate or mislead you to make you buy things you don't want or need. 

If you feel you are being pressured into having work done, or to buy goods that you don't want, ask the trader to leave. It is illegal for a trader to stay at your home once you have asked them to leave. If you feel at all threatened by a trader in your home, then telephone 999. 

Our pdf icon rogue traders leaflet [579kb] has more information, and the Citizens Advice website has advice on spotting, and reporting, scams.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can mean a number of things depending on a lot of different factors in different circumstances. Broadly speaking, it means an individual or group persistently acting in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress. 

If you feel like you are being affected, don't suffer in silence - find out how to report anti-social behaviour online.  A number of different agencies work together to help tackle this problem.

Talk to our Building Communities Together Team if you have concerns.

Help yourself feel safer in and around your home 

Electrical Safety

Electricity, whether through overloaded sockets or equipment in poor condition, is now the major cause of accidental fires in UK homes. Extension leads trailing across the floor are also a trip hazard. 

There are lots of electrical safety checks you can undertake yourself to make sure things are safe at home.

Fire Safety

You may qualify for a Safe and Well Visit from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) - the visit involves assessing your home for possible risks and help to address them to stay safe.  

The fire service recommend that you have smoke alarms fitted in your home. Smoke alarms warn you of problems before things get too bad, helping you get out of your home and get help in time. They are easy to install, and are widely available from many supermarkets and DIY stores. If you need help fitting them, the West Berkshire Directory has a list of handyman services that can help.

Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Gas suppliers have a duty to provide free gas safety checks to certain elderly people. Only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer to fit, fix or service your gas appliances.

Carbon Monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that is very difficult to detect - you cannot see, smell or taste it. If you have a wood or coal burning fire, or gas or oil burning appliances such as a gas boiler, heater or cooker, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning consider installing an alarm.


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