West Berkshire Council

National Assistance Burials

Funerals arranged by the council, and estates passed to the Treasury Solicitor

Where an individual dies intestate and/or without next of kin to manage their estate West Berkshire Council may be asked to arrange their funeral (this is known as National Assistance Burial).  We may also pass details of the individual's estate to the Treasury Solicitor's Bona Vacantia division, who collects information for the purposes of dealing with the administration of the estates of persons who die intestate and without known next of kin, and who hold estates worth more than £5,000.

You can find details of National Assistance Burials, deaths reported to the Treasury Solicitor and deaths where no next of kin have been identified in our excel icon Deaths and Burials List [65kb] .

We'll update this regularly as new information is received.

If you believe you may be related to someone named in the Deaths and Burials list, or you are a solicitor acting on behalf of a relative, please contact West Berkshire Environmental Health.

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