West Berkshire Council

Highways Development Control

Highways Development Control helps to assess the impact of planning applications on our highway and transport infrastructure by providing technical support for long term strategic planning, and by providing evidence at planning appeals.

We also assist where changes or additions to the highway are being proposed, by supervising the design and construction of new roads and footpaths that will adopted as public highways, and by supervising the design and construction of changes to the existing networks to accommodate new development.   We also need to be consulted on how streets are named and properties are numbered.

Assessing the Impact of Planning Applications on the Highway and Transport Infrastructure
Managing the impact any plans might have on the nearby highways and traffic systems
Changes or Additions to a Highway
The design and construction of alterations or additions to an existing highway
Street Naming and Numbering
Ensuring that streets are named and properties are numbered

Who To Contact

West Berkshire Council's Principal Development Control Engineer, for queries about Highways Development Control

01635 519207