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Transport Assessments

Assessing the impact of development on travel in West Berkshire

Transport Assessment to Support the West Berkshire Local Plan Review to 2037

Transport is one of the key considerations to be assessed as part of the Local Plan Review (LPR) process.  A Strategic Transport Assessment (TA) is being undertaken to run concurrently with the LPR process to determine the potential impacts of the emerging draft LPR and to investigate possible mitigation measures to address such impacts.

The first phase of the Transport Assessment work includes outputs from transport modelling using the Council's strategic transport model. A Phase 1 Transport Assessment Report has been produced which can be downloaded pdf icon online [1Mb].

In addition to the focus on transport modelling and the assessment of highway impacts, both the LPR and its supporting transport evidence base will need to consider opportunities for increasing travel and lifestyle choices and for more journeys to be made by sustainable modes.  This will include being alert to and  receptive of the expected technological advancements in terms of transport and personal mobility that are currently taking place and will continue to develop apace over the lifetime of the new plan period.

There will be further phases of transport assessment work undertaken as the LPR process evolves. They will be published alongside Phase 1 Transport Assessment on this page.


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