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Transport Assessments

Assessing the impact of development on our roads and highways

Housing Site Allocations DPD Transport Assessment (TA)

The West Berkshire Housing Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) is supported by a TA.

A pdf icon summary of the transport assessment work [38kb] carried out is available, and brings together the elements of the TA work carried out to support the DPD. The individual reports referred to in the summary are:

Core Strategy Transport Assessment (TA)

The West Berkshire Core Strategy is supported by a TA. The TA is carried out in four phases and looks at the impact development will have on the district highway network, allowing us to plan our transport infrastructure more effectively -pdf icon Core Strategy Transport Assessment Summary (Phase 1-4) [3Mb] 

Phase 1

Phase 1 assessed the impact of development at 16 potential strategic sites within West Berkshire. Sites were scored positively according to their accessibility and potential for sustainable modes of travel, and negatively for their impact on the road network. 

Phase 2 (A and B)

Phase 2A assessed the impact of two different levels of development at Pincents Hill in the east of the district and recommended options to help reduce congestion and improve the road network.

Phase 2B assessed the impact of strategic sites at four sites in Newbury and Thatcham, and identified possible mitigation.

Phase 3 

Phase 3 assessed the combined impact of strategic development at Newbury Racecourse and Sandleford Park, and additional development within Newbury, as this was the approach taken forward in the Proposed Submission Core Strategy. Phase 3 identified options to mitigate the combined impact of developing these two sites.

Phase 4 

Phase 4 assessed the impacts of developing 1000 homes at Sandleford Park by 2026 and 2000 homes by 2036 when the development is due to be complete. The impact was assessed in combination with the planning permission that had been granted at Newbury Racecourse and associated improvements to the transport network.  Phase 4 examined the transport mitigation and improvements schemes needed to deliver the fully developed site at Sandleford Park.

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