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The Definitive Map - Recorded Public Rights of Way

The Definitive Map and Statement (DMS) for West Berkshire

The 'First Consolidated Definitive Map and Statement' (DMS) for West Berkshire is a document that provides conclusive evidence that the Public Rights of Way (PROWs) shown upon it existed legally on 01 January 2000.  If there's a court case, a planning dispute or some other reason that legal proof of the existence of a PROW is needed, this document is used.

If a route isn't shown on this document, it doesn't necessarily mean that a PROW didn't exist at that time - evidence might come to light showing forgotten, historic PROWs should be added, or showing that new PROWs have come into existence through long use by the public.  As there may have been legal changes to the PROW network since the year 2000, the DMS needs to be consulted alongside all legal orders made since that time to form a complete record.

Whilst the DMS shows which PROWs have been legally recorded, for a more general view of the routes in your area you may prefer to consult our online map (our unofficial working copy of the Definitive Map), our pdf icon Copy of Definitive Statement [663kb](our unofficial working copy of the Definitive Statement) or an Ordnance Survey map.

Creating or Removing a Public Right of Way

Public Rights of Way (PROWs) are protected by law, and the only way they can be diverted or removed ('extinguished') is by a Public Path Order.  

Creating new PROWs comes about as a result of a legal order or agreement, or by dedication by the landowner (either explicitly, or by 'legal inference' after being used by the public for a long time).   Landowners can also apply to prevent dedication of PROWs in the first place.

If you have questions, need further advice, or would like to arrange an appointment to view the Definitive Map and Statement, contact the Definitive Map Officer.

Applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement (DMS)

Applications can be made to change the DMS if you think it's incorrect. 

We keep a pdf icon register of Definitive Map Modification Order applications [49kb] that shows current applications to modify the DMS - maps to accompany each application in this register are available for download below.
For information about making an application please contact the Definitive Map Officer.

Who To Contact

For enquiries about the Definitive Map for Public Rights of Way in West Berkshire

01635 503251