West Berkshire Council

Housing Needs

Understanding, supporting and planning for people's housing needs

As part of our strategic housing role, we spend time in making sure we understand our local housing markets, and plan for our current and future housing needs.

People's housing needs are classed and defined in different ways.  We look at information on a number of things, including where there has been a change of circumstances (such as divorce, separation, death, and family breakdown), or where there's over-crowding, for example.  We also take into consideration cases where multiple families are living in one house, or where adult children are living with a parent, or where an elderly parent lives with their children.
Housing needs are also looked at where there's a need to live closer to work or family, or people are living in unsuitable conditions (such as disrepair or a lack of modern amenities).   Housing needs might also be counted as the desire to live independently, such as in sheltered accommodation, or a need for accommodation that's been adapted or modified so that it can be used by a disabled person.

We collect and examine information about people's housing needs from a number of sources, including Strategic Housing Market Assessments, housing needs surveys, the Common Housing Register as well as local information on household incomes and how much each type of housing costs. Local housing needs surveys may be carried out in rural areas to identify housing needs in individual parishes.

All this information helps to inform our policies and understand the housing needs of local people better.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Housing Strategy Team

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