West Berkshire Council

Housing Options for Single People

Help and advice for single people aged 18 and over

Staying with friends or family

For most single people, staying with friends and family is the most suitable housing option, unless they're financially able to do otherwise.  To ensure that any arrangements you make are sustainable you should ensure that you follow all reasonable house rules and that you financially contribute to the household.

Hostel accommodation

If you're a single person with no children and you are homeless, or threatened with homelessness, you may be able to get a place in a hostel.  Two Saints operate a direct access hostel in close proximity of Newbury town centre. The main hostel has 60 beds and is staffed 24 hours a day - it's able to accept people with varying needs for support.

Contact Two Saints directly for more information about their service.

Private rented accommodation

You may wish to consider finding accommodation in the private sector. You should make sure that any property you move into is affordable to you in the longer term. 

  • If you're under 35 and dependant upon Housing Benefit you would usually only be eligible for a single room in a shared house at local housing allowance rates
  • If you're aged over 35, you would be eligible for the one bed rate

If you are unable to afford a rent advance and deposit, we may also be able to assist.

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