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How to Bid for Social Care Tenders

How contracts of different values must be advertised, specified, submitted and reported to members

Service Contracts

A tender for a Community Care service contract with a value estimated to exceed £50,000 must be advertised where there is no approved list of providers already available for that particular service area. These contracts will normally be advertised on our e-procurement portal.

Where a contract value is estimated to be above the European Union's Public Procurement Directives threshold level for services, it will also be advertised by issue of a Contract Notice on the website of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Standard Contracting Terms and Conditions

All  care services purchased by West Berkshire Council must be subject to a binding contract.
With a variety of service provision, it is necessary to tailor each contract to the specification requirements of each service.

Tender Applications

If you are successful in your application for a select tender list or we are following an open tender procedure, we will forward a set of tender documents to you.
These documents will consist of all or some of the following:

  • a letter of invitation informing you of when and where tenders should be submitted
  • instructions to tenderers; guidance for completing the tender documentation
  • a Tender Statement requiring your agreement to terms and conditions of tender
  • a Specification setting out what needs to be achieved including policies, procedures or guidelines to be followed, along with the performance standards and the outcomes expected
  • Contract Conditions defining the relationship between West Berkshire Council and the service provider
  • Quality Requirements/Method Statement Questions - a list of questions about how you intend to provide the service, including supporting evidence demonstrating relevant experience; this will then be used to evaluate the quality of your bid, so your response should demonstrate your commitment to our policies as outlined in the documentation and supporting information

Tender Evaluation

Returned tenders are evaluated against pre-determined criteria usually by a panel of officers.  Evaluation will focus on examining how the tender proposals will deliver the service (quality) and the cost of the service (price).  The balance between quality and price will depend on the particular service area.  We'll send you a letter informing you of whether or not you've been successful in your bid.
Within the limits of commercial confidentiality, we will always offer unsuccessful tenderers the reasons why their bid has failed.

Clarification Sessions

You will be invited to attend a clarification session as part of your submission which will be with the relevant evaluation panel and Councillor for the service area.

Freedom of Information

Contractors should be aware that the Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives a general right of public access to all types of 'recorded' information held by public authorities, sets out exemptions from that general right, and places a number of statutory obligations on public authorities with regard to the disclosure of information.  Ourdoc icon Guidance on the Freedom of Information Act and Public Sector Contracts [81kb] gives further information.

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