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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find information about community support and our services during the coronavirus pandemic, on our information for residents pages, our information for businesses pages, and our community support hub page which has guidance to help coordinate community organisations.

See a summary of our Local Outbreak Control Plan and read our frequently asked questions. 

Spending Over £500

Details of council spending in excess of £500, by month

In keeping with the national open data initiative we publish details of all paid invoices with a value of £500.

You can view the files on a month by month basis below in .CSV format. 

Information for each month is compiled and published around the third week of the subsequent month.

Invoices over £500


csv icon July 2020 [394kb]
csv icon June 2020 [279kb]
csv icon May 2020 [240kb]
csv icon Apr 2020 [254kb]
csv icon Mar 2020 [332kb]
csv icon Feb 2020 [251kb]
csv icon Jan 2020 [267kb]

csv icon Dec 2019 [313kb]
csv icon Nov 2019 [262kb]
csv icon Oct 2019 [357kb]
csv icon Sept 2019 [245kb]
csv icon Aug 2019 [234kb]
csv icon Jul 2019 [331kb]
csv icon June 2019 [268kb]
csv icon May 2019 [343kb]
csv icon Apr 2019 [314kb]


csv icon Mar 2019 [368kb]
csv icon Feb 2019 [293kb]
csv icon Jan 2019 [390kb]
csv icon Dec 2018 [223kb]
csv icon Nov 2018 [318kb]
csv icon Oct 2018 [393kb]
csv icon Sept 2018 [248kb]
csv icon Aug 2018 [293kb]
csv icon Jul 2018 [290kb]
csv icon June 2018 [261kb]
csv icon May 2018 [311kb]
csv icon Apr 2018 [321kb]

csv icon Mar 2018 [308kb]
csv icon Feb 2018 [314kb]
csv icon Jan 2018 [341kb]
csv icon Dec 2017 [246kb]
csv icon Nov 2017 [337kb]
csv icon Oct 2017 [362kb]
csv icon Sept 2017 [244kb]
csv icon Aug 2017 [291kb]
csv icon Jul 2017 [540kb]
csv icon June 2017 [325kb]
csv icon May 2017 [326kb]
csv icon Apr 2017 [271kb]


csv icon Mar 2017 [435kb]
csv icon Feb 2017 [268kb]
csv icon Jan 2017 [322kb]
csv icon Dec 2016 [266kb]
csv icon Nov 2016 [359kb]
csv icon Oct 2016 [293kb]
csv icon Sept 2016 [283kb]
csv icon Aug 2016 [374kb]
csv icon Jul 2016 [313kb]
csv icon June 2016 [335kb]
csv icon May 2016 [288kb]
csv icon Apr 2016 [376kb]



csv icon Mar 2016 [447kb] 
csv icon Feb 2016 [436kb]
csv icon Jan 2016 [365kb]
csv icon Dec 2015 [380kb]
csv icon Nov 2015 [364kb]
csv icon Oct 2015 [656kb]
csv icon Sept 2015 [676kb]
csv icon Aug 2015 [367kb]
csv icon Jul 2015 [434kb]
csv icon Jun 2015 [294kb]
csv icon May 2015 [346kb]
csv icon Apr 2015 [488kb]



csv icon Mar 2015 [439kb]
csv icon Feb 2015 [374kb]
csv icon Jan 2015 [426kb]
csv icon Dec 2014 [537kb]
csv icon Nov 2014 [541kb]
csv icon Oct 2014 [596kb]
csv icon Sept 2014 [591kb]
csv icon Aug 2014 [299kb]
csv icon Jul 2014 [460kb]
csv icon Jun 2014 [581kb]
csv icon May 2014 [305kb]
csv icon Apr 2014 [443kb]



csv icon Mar 2014 [469kb]
csv icon Feb 2014 [347kb]
csv icon Jan 2014 [358kb]
csv icon Dec 2013 [333kb]
csv icon Nov 2013 [321kb]
csv icon Oct 2013 [386kb]
csv icon Sept 2013 [356kb]
csv icon Aug 2013 [356kb]
csv icon Jul 2013 [633kb]
csv icon Jun 2013 [457kb]
csv icon May 2013 [750kb]
csv icon Apr 2013 [351kb]


csv icon Mar 2013 [385kb]
csv icon Feb 2013 [506kb]
csv icon Jan 2013 [365kb]
csv icon Dec 2012 [301kb]
csv icon Nov 2012 [277kb]
csv icon Oct 2012 [526kb]
csv icon Sept 2012 [685kb]
csv icon Aug 2012 [472kb]
csv icon Jul 2012 [517kb]
csv icon Jun 2012 [411kb]
csv icon May 2012 [617kb]
csv icon Apr 2012 [534kb]

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Chief Accountant

01635 519142