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Having Your Say

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Consultation and Engagement Hub
What are we asking you about?
How to create and submit a petition to influence council policy, plans or activity
Making a complaint to the council
Conduct of Elected Councillors: Complaints
Our Codes of Conduct, and how to complain about the conduct of elected councillors
Consultation and Engagement
Listening and responding to our communities through consultations and engagement
Engaging with the Disabled Community - The Disability External Scrutiny Board
The Disability External Scrutiny Board (DES) is a group of West Berkshire residents who either have a disability or care for someone with a disability.
Equality and Diversity
Achieving equality and valuing diversity in West Berkshire
How to get involved with planning permission (Development Control)
Find out about the electoral register and voting in elections, polls and referendums
Registering to Vote
Forthcoming elections in West Berkshire
The Electoral Register
More Voting and Elections