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Resident Parking Permits

On-street resident parking permit scheme

Please note: personal data will be collected in order to facilitate the Resident Permit scheme. Data will be collected in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

West Berkshire Council operates on-street permit parking in doc icon specific residential zones and roads [48kb] where parking is in high demand. The scheme enables residents to purchase parking permits which allow them to park in sections set aside for permit holders.

We use a virtual permit system, provided by MiPermit.


In order to register an account at a property within the scheme, you will need the property's unique Council Tax Property reference number, which you can find on your Council Tax bill. Please contact the Council Tax Team if you need help finding your property reference number.

If you live in, or are about to move to, a property that falls within the scheme, you can apply for a virtual permit online or call 0345 520 7007.


Residents permits have an annual fee of £30, except in Hungerford High Street and Park Terrace, Newbury, where the fee is £70.

Residential parking guidelines

Our guidelines for residential parking state that:

  • converted or newly built properties are not eligible to be part of the scheme
  • a maximum of two parking permits per household can be issued where no off-street parking is available
  • it is the resident's responsibility to renew their parking permit - a text or email reminder will be sent automatically by the virtual system before your existing permit expires

Please see the full list of doc icon resident permit guidelines [62kb]. You can also view the doc icon MiPermit terms and conditions [26kb] for more information.

Visitor Parking Permits

Please note: visitor parking permits are not available to residents of Hungerford High Street or Park Terrace, Newbury.

To enable guests and visitors to park during restricted periods, you may purchase visitor parking permits. These are available in bundles containing five individual permits. Each bundle of five costs £5.

Visitor parking permits are also done virtually, and you can apply online via MiPermit or by calling 0345 520 7007.

Visitor parking permits will continue to be offered in the form of a scratch card system, and can be purchased by completing the doc icon residents parking permit application form [43kb]. You will be required to provide proof of residency. Please see the pdf icon proof of residency guidelines [14kb] for more information.

If you don't qualify for a resident parking permit, check our parking charges, or apply for a car park Season Ticket.

Who To Contact

West Berkshire Council's Parking Office

01635 519213